Sean Kelly MBE, Director, Wilson James Limited

“Wilson James Limited has worked alongside Beverley Lister on strategic infrastructure construction projects on numerous occasions. Clients ranging from international airports to prestigious inner city universities have many differing requirements. Common to all though, is the need to provide pragmatic construction logistics in an environmentally responsible manner, whilst minimising the effect of construction on the surrounding areas. Bev’s work in this area has always been excellent. She combines far reaching vision with a thorough understanding of the possible. Clients are consistently impressed with both her attention to detail, which is vitally important in this type of work; and her general work ethic, which is enviable. She brings great skills to any team that works with her and she invariably has a real impact at the client level bringing clear project benefits”

Stephen Robbins, Key Account General Manager, Construction Logistics Services, Wincanton

“I found working with Beverley on ‘Transforming UCL’ Project an enjoyable experience throughout. We worked together for 3 years and during that time she demonstrated expertise in logistics, sustainability and environmental management. She is very enthusiastic and professional in the way she works and demonstrated great skill in strategic planning, consultation and contract management which demanded respect at every level of the Project Team. She is also very likable, fun and easy to get along with on a personal level”